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Logo Design BD will keep you informed if it collects your personal information. We will also inform you about the usage of the information we gather. Your information may be collected based on your requests to personalize the services rendered to you probably in filling forms or allowing you to send messages.

Non-personal information

Logo Design BD may also collect non-personal information such as the IP Address from its users. This information is used to provide improved services to our clients and visitors. For instance, information regarding the system you used to access our services may be collected. This may include the operating system, the browser in use, the ISP domain name and so forth. The non-personal information could be used to determine the number of visitors that come to our website on a daily basis, and also we use such information to provide confidentially and security to your personal data.

How we use cookies

Cookies are information stored on your computer as you visit a website or service. We may store cookies on your machine when you access our services. This will give us the leverage to provide a better and much more personalized service that will meet your needs. However, the cookies are absolutely under your control. This means that you can either choose to disallow cookies, delete or even block it. Of course, you will be notified when using our service before storing cookies on your machine. You can learn how to manage cookies by following your browser instruction.

How we use personally identified information

Personally identified information may be collected from our website users, but our users will be adequately notified before we do so. In other words, the information is provided voluntarily by our users, and of course, our users are fully informed about the usage of the information at the point of collection. Logo Design BD will not and do not disclose users’ information to a third party, but we may use such information in some other services we provide. Also, such information will never be used for our individual purposes. We see it as a responsibility to make sure that the information collected from our users is kept safe and confidential. However, the information will be used to improve our website and make it serve our clients better.

Our Affiliate and Partner sites

We are very careful when choosing affiliates and partners, but this does not imply that our privacy policy and that of our affiliates will tally. As a matter of fact, websites linked to us may have entirely different privacy policies from ours, but Logo Design BD is not responsible for the contents of the privacy policy of such sites. Thus, it is necessary to go through the website’s privacy policy before visiting such links.

How we use submissions and comments

Information, questions, suggestions, ideas and other similar materials posted by users through the feedback process available in Logo Design BD can be reproduced, distributed, used and even disclosed by Logo Design BD without any obligation and limit. We reserve the right to use such contents as it pleases us provided they are given through the means stipulated above. Furthermore, we do not make any warranty on information provided on our Message Boards and forums because they may not belong to us or our affiliates.

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