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A business logo is one of the core elements that have the capability to enhance all kinds of businesses. A logo is the property that defines your business type and makes your consumer base understand your entrepreneurship. It adds quality, whereas it also has a secretive, meaning that defines your enterprise. It not only empowers your image but gives emphasis on making your business a brand.

Hence, we acknowledge the significance of a well designed and meaningful logo. Our team is confined upon creating logos that not only suitable to your brand, but also are eye catching. We have a vast experience of creating 3000 logos, and, therefore, our experience team understands what you wish. We promise to strive and deliver exactly what you wish for! Our team is willing to converse with you and understand your requirements.

We create an enchanting and delightful logo for your enterprise that fits into your customer’s mind. Your expectations teamed up with our team’s creativity and artistic nature, we believe in creating high-class logos for you. A marvelous logo can withstand with you and grow your impact in the competitive corporate world.

We are exceptionally well in branding, the re-branding of your logos. You can also skim through our portfolio to get an idea of the hard work put in by our team.

Why Choose Our Logo Design Services

We understand that the logo is your main business identity. While it defines what services you offer, we believe in creating a customized and perfect logo for each firm that we take on. We are working a team and we have some features in our service.

  • Unique, Elegant, Minimalist concept
  • Premium Quality guaranteed
  • Affordable Prices
  • Discounts and Rewards
  • 24/7/365 services
  • 100% money back guaranteed

Our Logo Design Process

We understand that to fully capture a brand’s uniqueness, we must undergo a certain process before we can produce quality logo.

1. Design Brief
We will talk to you, so we can understand your company’s goals and grasp its vision for the future. It’s important for us to know where you see your business going as we scale the logo based on it. Logos used for billboards will need to have more details. However, if you only want to keep it on business cards and letters, details are kept to a minimum. We also need to know your target audience so we can create a design that will attract the correct demographic.

2. Research
In this step, our expert designers will do cursory market research on your company and its competitors. This will give us an insight on which logo style would go well for your brand.

3. Conceptualization
We identify keywords that are related to your company or your services and use it as the main framework during the creative process. Once the visual symbols and shapes take form, we sketch our ideas on paper and conceptualize a theme.

4. Draft Production
Digital implementation will ensue through the use of tools like Adobe Illustrator. This way, we can create a vector-based drawing program. The sketched we made in the previous step will be recreated in the computer. Here, we further testing each logo by using different fonts, tweaking the color, adding and removing details, etc. until we come up with the final product.

5. Feedback

We will submit the final logo to you and ask for your comments about it. If there’s anything you wish to change about it, we will discuss it with you. You can also ask for the other drafts if you want to see your other options.

6. Submission
After we make the final changes, we will finally submit the logo. By this time, we can test its marketing value.

Logo files are emailed in the following formats:

.Ai – Adobe Illustrator format (Main/Master File)
.Eps – Another vector format for use with a broader range of vector programs
Vector PDF file — excellent for printing; can be opened in Illustrator
High resolution (300ppi) JPEG files in CMYK (for printing purposes)
High-Resolution PNG files
Web Resolution Jpeg and PNG files (for internet use)

If you like our logo design services, then please give us a feedback. You can also contact us if you have any inquiries about the designing process.

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